Skimming Has Americans Concerned about Mobile Payments at Gas Stations

April 15, 2019, Written By John H. Oldshue
Skimming Has Americans Concerned about Mobile Payments at Gas Stations

According to a new study from ACI Worldwide, only 7% of Americans prefer using a mobile app to pay at gas stations. However, of those who had used mobile payments for fuel, 83% were satisfied with the experience.

With such a high satisfaction rate, why aren’t mobile payments more popular? One of the biggest deterrents for growth is the threat of skimming at gas pumps. “Skimmers” are devices planted on gas pumps, ATMs and other payment portals to collect card information. Criminals connect with the skimmers via Bluetooth to gather data from them, such as card numbers and PINs.

The study found 62% of Americans are concerned about security and 52% about privacy when it comes to using digital payments at fuel pumps. Baby Boomers have the most concern of all generations at 70%.

Debit and credit cards are the most preferred payment methods for fuel (55%), followed by cash at 21%. These preferences vary slightly by region. For instance, 64% of respondents in the Midwest preferred credit and debit cards, compared to 47% of those located in the Northeast.

With regards to overall payment experience at gas stations and convenience stores, 63% of respondents said they were “somewhat” or “very” satisfied. Surprisingly, Baby Boomers had the highest level of satisfaction for their payment options, coming in at 69%.

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