Simsbury Bank Credit Cardholders Target of Phishing Scam

March 11, 2014, Written By Lynn Oldshue

A bank will never ask customers for their private information over the phone. That is one rule of thumb to help consumers guard against thieves trying to steal their financial assets.

But thieves still try to use this ploy.

A new series of phone calls supposedly from Simsbury Bank have led several people to give out their debit and credit card numbers to an automated system over the phone.

The calls are pretty simple in nature. They tell customers their cards from Simsbury Bank have been suspended. The automated call then asks the recipients to press “1” to enter their card number. This should be the first red flag, but some consumers have obliged, thinking they will be getting a new card.

“If you receive a call from someone identifying themselves as a Simsbury Bank employee saying that your account is frozen, we recommend you hang up the phone and contact us immediately,” said Simbury Bank President and CEO Martin Geitz in a statement.

The bank posted a warning on its website, alerting customers to this phishing scam.

This is far from the first occurrence of phone phishing in America, and it will not be the last. Let it serve as a reminder to you to always keep your credit card information, Social Security number, and other personal data to yourself. Never release that information over the phone unless you initiate the call to a number that you know is valid.

The information contained within this article was accurate as of March 11, 2014. For up-to-date
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