Shopify's New Card Reader Accepts Apple and Android Pay

Shopify's New Card Reader Accepts Apple and Android Pay

September 29, 2015         Written By Lynn Oldshue

Last Friday, Shopify, a cloud-based payment platform for small and medium-sized businesses, announced it was introducing a new credit card reader that will accept “contactless” payments. These payment types include Apple Pay, Android Pay, and tap-to-pay credit and debit cards.

The Shopify card reader plugs into a vendor’s mobile device and allows customers to pay for products. Currently, a customer has to swipe their card and sign for the purchase. The new reader allows transactions to be completed instantaneously and without a signature. Customers can tap their card to pay, and those with Apple Pay and Android Pay need only place their phone next to the reader.

Guy Poirier, Retail Product Lead at Shopify, said the company wanted “to make it easy for our merchants to accept any type of payment,” and businesses “will be able to accept all of the most popular forms of payment available on the market today.”

The new reader will also help vendors prepare for the October 1 shift to EMV technology, which requires credit card companies to put a chip in their cards that makes it more difficult for criminals to steal data. If a vendor does not have the ability to accept EMV cards after this date, they will be held liable for any fraudulent transactions.

However, if a merchant pre-orders the new Shopify card reader, they will be enrolled in Shopify’s Liability Shift Protection Program, which will cover them against fraudulent transactions.

Customer can pre-order the Shopify reader for $99. The price will increase to $149 after the pre-order period.

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