Sen. Tom Coburn Tears Up America’s Credit Card

Sen. Tom Coburn Tears Up America’s Credit Card

October 21, 2013         Written By Lynn Oldshue

During the recent debates about the government shutdown and debt limit, Senator Tom Coburn performed quite a “show and tell” demonstration of America’s debt.

To underscore a point about America’s erratic spending habits, the Republican Senator from Oklahoma cut a symbolic credit card in half before ripping it up with his hands. The credit card had “Washington” written on the front of it, and featured the amount of national debt as the card number.

Coburn is one of the most adamant and outspoken fiscal conservatives in the Senate, and he related Congress to a group of children running up their parents’ credit cards.

“If they are not responsible, you cut up the credit card. You fix the real problem,” said Coburn.

“What we should do is we should cut this credit card up, that is what I’m going to do because that’s the way I vote. I think it’s time we quit borrowing money,” Coburn continued.

He struggled to get the scissors through the poster board though, eventually saying, “I think I’ll just tear it up.”

“It’s time we start taking responsibility for the actions of the federal government,” Coburn concluded.

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