School Fundraising Goes Mobile

School Fundraising Goes Mobile

April 24, 2013         Written By Natalie Rutledge

PTO Today is a popular resource for school fundraising groups, and now its efforts are even more expansive. Thanks to a partnership with PayAnyWhere, PTO Today now allows school groups to accept money from credit and debit cards directly through their smartphones. PayAnywhere is already an established name in the mobile payment market, but its work with PTO Today is sure to expand its visibility.

The process is simple. Any time a school group needs money for a fundraiser, field trip, club dues, etc., it can use smartphones and tablets to accept credit card payments from those who want to donate. This eliminates the need for cash and modernizes school functions as a whole.

Gene Schenberg, vice president of sales at PayAnywhere, says “People are carrying less cash these days, but that doesn’t mean parent groups have to miss out on making a sale, receiving a donation, or collecting dues on time. PayAnywhere makes it simple to pay with a credit card; just swipe, sign with your finger, and go. It’s easy and safe, but also brings additional benefits like electronic receipts for easy record keeping, and funds automatically deposited into parent group’s accounts, saving time and hassle.”

This move towards mobile payments is expected to revolutionize the way that school groups collect money, and it may also teach children about personal finance and money management. Kids are more inclined to work with technology than they are to carry cash around, and removing the cash factor better protects the funds in place.


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