Scammers Target UPS, FedEx Customers

Scammers Target UPS, FedEx Customers

June 2, 2014         Written By Bill Hardekopf

Everywhere we turn, it seems scammers and thieves are at work to steal our personal information. Overnight shipping companies seem to be the latest industry to be targeted.

One scam involves UPS. Criminals purchase merchandise with stolen credit cards. They sign up for a UPS account at a specific mailing address, even though they don’t live at that location. They request the shipment come when the real homeowner is at work or away from the house. The criminals meet the UPS delivery person at the house when the homeowner is gone and accept the merchandise paid for with a stolen credit card. When the authorities put the pieces together, they see this “hot” merchandise was shipped to a specific address. The homeowners bear the brunt of the investigation, and the criminals are long gone.

If you are getting strange delivery slips on your door for merchandise you didn’t order, or if a package shows up at your house that you did not buy, give the shipping company a call.

A second scam involves a new virus, known as a Zeus banking Trojan, that is being sent to computers through fake FedEx shipping confirmations. If you click on any of the links in the email, the virus will load on to your computer or smartphone and then record your keystrokes as you login to banking or credit card sites and e-mail accounts. It will then send those keystrokes back to criminals so they can figure out how to get into your accounts.

Whether or not you have ordered any merchandise, do not click on any FedEx shipping confirmation that is e-mailed to you. If you need to track packages that have been shipped, work through the retail store from which you ordered the merchandise.

This particular virus is not restricted to FedEx shipping confirmations. Other email subject lines with the same virus include:

  • Your Fed Tax payment was rejected
  • You have a new encrypted message from your bank
  • Incoming fax report
  • DocuSign To all Employees–Confidential Message
  • You have received your payroll invoice
  • USPS is notifying you that your package is available for pickup
  • Advisors Online Documents Activated
  • Transaction notification from your bank

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