Save Coupons to Your Credit Card with "Twitter Offers"

Save Coupons to Your Credit Card with "Twitter Offers"

December 3, 2014         Written By billh

Twitter is launching a new program that allows users to store discounts and coupons on their credit cards.

Twitter Offers can convert Promoted Tweets, the ads that appear in a users stream, to coupons which users can save to their credit or debit cards. This will allow companies to reach out to their clients in a more direct way, leading to more sales.

The new program came as a result of Twitter’s acquisition of CardSpring in July. CardSpring allows merchants to tie their store promotions with credit cards so they can more easily convert consumers to buyers.

In order for a consumer to use Twitter Offers, he must register his debit or credit card on the site using an encrypted form. This information can be removed from your account at any time trough the Payments and Shipping tab. Once the card is on file, a user simply has to click “Add offer to card” when it comes on a Promoted Tweet.

Using an offer may be the easiest part of the whole process. You receive the discount when you make a transaction at a store using the card on which you saved the offer. Twitter will credit your account with the savings within a few days, and then send an email notifying you how much money you saved.

“We’re beginning to test a new way for advertisers to connect with consumers on Twitter and convert them to loyal customers in their stores, on their websites, and in their apps,” Tarun Jain, Twitter’s group product manager, said in a blog post. “This feature, Twitter Offers, enables advertisers to create card-linked promotions and share them directly with Twitter users.”

Jain said the process is equally convenient for the merchants making the offer. “We make it easy for merchants to get up and running because they can use their existing payment network, there’s no change to the consumer purchase process, no employee training, and no new hardware or software to install.”

There are only a handful of brands participating in the initial launch of Twitter Offers, but the company plans to expand in the near future.

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