Samsung Pay’s Virtual Assistant Bixby Premieres in South Korea

June 6, 2017, Written By John H. Oldshue
Samsung Pay’s Virtual Assistant Bixby Premieres in South Korea

Samsung’s new virtual assistant Bixby has finally made its debut in South Korea. There is no date currently scheduled for a U.S. release, but most new Samsung features come to America soon after their Korean launches.

In January, Samsung accidentally released images of Bixby with the beta version of the new Samsung Pay. The company had submitted trademark applications for it last year, but they still tried to keep Bixby’s functions a secret.

Samsung Bixby is available for Galaxy S8 and S8+ devices. It allows users to make voice commands in Samsung Pay, like sending money to another person or checking their account balance. It also offers Siri-style phone controls, like pulling up a certain app or calling a person in the phone’s contact list.

Bixby is designed to “learn your routine,” and will pull up apps frequently used at certain points in the day to make them easier to access. For instance, if you typically check your text messages during your lunch break at work, Bixby will make your recent messages available around lunch time. If you normally request an Uber after dinner, Uber will show up on your screen at that time.

According to Samsung’s website, “Some feature[s] are supported by Korean only now. (Other language[s] will be served).” Some rumors suggest that Bixby is having a difficult time understanding English grammar, and that is why its introduction is delayed in the United States.

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