Samsung Pay Will Be Available on Nearly All Galaxy Devices in 2017

Samsung Pay Will Be Available on Nearly All Galaxy Devices in 2017

December 21, 2016         Written By John H. Oldshue

Samsung Pay announced that all Galaxy phones released with a fingerprint scanner will automatically have the mobile wallet integrated into the devices  beginning in 2017. This includes low-priced models like the Galaxy J series that have, thus far, been left out of the Samsung Pay experience.

The Samsung Galaxy S6 and S7 models have had the ability to use Samsung Pay for sometime now, but in many cases, users had to download the app in order to be able to use it. Next year, the mobile wallet will already be enabled in almost all Galaxy phones that come to market.

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Another development known as the Samsung Pay Mini could also allow non-Galaxy devices to benefit from Samsung Pay. This app would work with almost all Android devices, though it would not have quite as many features as the full version of the app. Samsung phones are the only ones equipped with MST technology—the system that allows Samsung Pay to work with any register, even if it does not allow for near-field communications. Android users could still work with the mobile wallet for online purchases and NFC purchases, but could not use their phones with magnetic card readers.

Samsung Pay Mini was designed to work with iOS devices as well, but Apple rejected the app last week. A representative from Samsung said the company will now put more focus on Android devices and improving user experience.

Samsung Pay Mini is scheduled to release in January.

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