Samsung Pay Finally Supports Discover Cards

June 26, 2017, Written By Bill Hardekopf
Samsung Pay Finally Supports Discover Cards

It’s been two years since Discover announced their credit cards would soon be available on Samsung Pay. At that time, the plan was to make the cards available on the mobile wallet in 2016. It’s now mid-way through 2017, and Samsung Pay has finally enabled support for Discover cards.

Discover and Samsung Pay have yet not made an official announcement, but a customer service representative told The Verge the option is now available. Discover is not currently listed as a compatible bank on Samsung’s website, which means the company may be planning a formal announcement in the next week.

Competing mobile wallets such as Android Pay and Apple Pay have supported Discover cards for some time. The delayed launch may have made some Discover cardholders turn to other mobile wallets, but Samsung Pay is considered by many to be the most usable digital wallet. Samsung’s technology allows users to pay for items even if a register does not have near field communication, which is the technology by which Android Pay and Apple Pay operate.

Discover recently made improvements to its mobile app, allowing customers to chat with support agents directly through the app whenever they desire. The chats can stay open as long as needed, so users don’t have to wait on hold to get answers. They can check back on the chat and respond at their convenience. The Discover credit card app had the highest customer satisfaction rating on the J.D. Power 2017 U.S. Banking App and U.S. Credit Card Satisfaction Studies.

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