Samsung Pay Finally Launches on Gear S2 Smartwatch

July 27, 2016, Written By John H. Oldshue
Samsung Pay Finally Launches on Gear S2 Smartwatch

Consumers with a Samsung Gear S2 smartwatch have been waiting to use Samsung Pay on their wearables for nearly a year. The company has finally released a public beta for people to test.

If you own a Gear S2 with Bluetooth capabilities (not the 3G model), you may try using Samsung Pay on your smartwatch by downloading the latest software update for the device. You will also need to update the Samsung Gear app on your phone. Once both have been upgraded to the latest versions, you can select the “Samsung Pay Beta” option that comes up on your Gear app. You will then need to upload cards individually to your mobile wallet through your smartwatch, even if you have them on your phone.

Making payments with a Gear S2 is similar to doing so with Apple Pay on an Apple Watch. Hold the device up to the payment terminal, and the payment will process like you were using your phone. Since this is a beta test, there may be some kinks that Samsung has to work out before the app can function smoothly. But consumers are excited to finally have an option of paying with their Gear S2

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