Samsung Pay Could Be Coming to Non-Galaxy Devices

July 13, 2016, Written By Lynn Oldshue
Samsung Pay Could Be Coming to Non-Galaxy Devices

Samsung Pay may soon be available on more than just Galaxy devices. Samsung filed a trademark application for a secondary version of the mobile wallet known as “Samsung Pay Mini,” which could indicate a big expansion in the near future.

Rumors of Samsung Pay Mini surfaced in May, but there were no official signs of the new app. While the details associated with the trademark application are limited, there is at least more tangible proof now that Samsung is working on a new version of their mobile wallet.

Samsung Pay Mini will mainly be used for online purchases. This is because non-Galaxy Android and iOS devices are not designed to work with the Magnetic Secure Transmission technology that allows Samsung Pay to connect with any payment terminal, even those that do not have near field communications capabilities. One of the biggest draws for Samsung Pay is the fact that is so versatile, so users may not be enticed to install the app on other devices.

There are no reports yet as to when or where Samsung Pay Mini will launch. If it does come to market, it will give people with older Samsung devices, Android phones, and Apple phones a chance to utilize the mobile wallet for select purchases.

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