Samsung Pay Adds New Features, Expands to Three New Countries

November 1, 2016, Written By Natalie Rutledge
Samsung Pay Adds New Features, Expands to Three New Countries

Samsung Pay is now available in three additional countries–Malaysia, Russia and Thailand, which means it will serve a total of 10 countries by the end of 2016.

In addition to expanding its service area, Samsung Pay has also partnered with Mastercard to offer an easier and faster online payment solution through Masterpass. Hundreds of thousands of merchants in 33 countries already accept Masterpass for online payments.

“By partnering with Masterpass in the U.S. and rolling out online payments globally, we will simplify the online transaction experience by eliminating the need for customers to fill out tedious online checkout forms, remember long passwords or fumble for their wallets,” said Thomas Ko, VP and Global GM, Samsung Pay, Mobile Communications Business at Samsung Electronics.

Samsung Pay will offer consumers the following online payment benefits:

  • Express checkout. Shoppers can use the Mastercard debit or credit cards and address they have saved to Samsung Pay to checkout. They will no longer need to fill out online forms.
  • Complete transactions from any device. Shoppers can use their computers, tablets or smartphones to make purchases on any website or app.
  • Secure payments. A unique token is used for online payments in an encrypted form, so consumers will not have to use their debit or credit card number. To make transactions even more secure, shoppers can authenticate their identity with the fingerprint scanner built into Samsung devices.

Samsung has also unveiled new features for users in the United States, including in-app payments and an alert when discounts are nearby. This new “Deals” feature will be available in November.

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