Samsung Launches Samsung Pay Rewards Card with New App Update

August 10, 2016, Written By John H. Oldshue

The latest update to the Samsung Pay app comes with a new incentive to use the mobile wallet: a Samsung Pay Rewards Card. By participating in select promotions on the app, users can earn rewards to apply to future purchases made with Samsung Pay.

Under the current promotion, users can earn a $20 gift card after making the first transaction in the United States. The offer expires on August 31. Once a person completes the first transaction, the $20 will show up as a Visa card in the wallet app, which can then be used to pay for purchases at any NFC and standard magnetic strip payment terminals throughout the country.

Samsung Pay has launched similar offers in the past, but this is the first time it is providing an actual rewards card. There will be other ways to earn rewards, which users can find by exploring the “nearby offers” in the app. Members can also earn rewards by referring friends and family members to use Samsung Pay.

If you do not currently have Samsung Pay on your device, you may download it from the Google Play store and activate it on your Samsung Note7 or Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. Those are the only “qualifying devices” for the current promotion, but there may be other offers for older devices that support Samsung Pay if they expand the rewards program.

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