Samsung Gear S3 First Smartwatch with MST Support

November 8, 2016, Written By Lynn Oldshue
Samsung Gear S3 First Smartwatch with MST Support

The Samsung Gear S3 smartwatch is now available for pre-order through Amazon, Macy’s, Best Buy, Samsung’s online store, and participating wireless carriers. This will be the first smartwatch on the market to support MST technology, the special system that makes Samsung Pay compatible with almost every payment terminal—even those that only work with traditional magnetic strip cards.

Samsung unveiled the design for the Gear S3 in September, promoting the watch’s enhanced mobile payment system, water resistance, built-in GPS and Bluetooth connectivity. The company has since put the Gear S3 up for pre-order, and it will be available for purchase starting November 18.

This is not the first smartwatch to have Samsung Pay. The Gear S2 was compatible with the mobile wallet, but only in a limited way. The watch had NFC capabilities, but did not have MST technology. Thus, it could only be used at registers that had tap-and-pay features.

Another disadvantage to Samsung Pay on the Gear S2 is that the app did not directly pull cards from a person’s mobile wallet. A user would have to re-upload card data on their smartwatch, even if the card was linked to their phone. The new version on the Gear S3 should streamline that process, making it easier for users to take full advantage of their Samsung Pay mobile wallet.

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