Salvation Army's Red Kettle Ringers Now Accept Credit Cards

Salvation Army's Red Kettle Ringers Now Accept Credit Cards

November 24, 2015         Written By Natalie Rutledge

The Salvation Army’s longstanding Red Kettle campaign is finally getting a high tech makeover. The 120-year-old tradition is no longer accepting just cash donations. Now donors can swipe their credit cards at the kettle, much like they would at a register, in ten locations across the United States.

Kettle workers located in Dallas, Chicago, New York and San Francisco will be equipped with smartphones donated by Sprint Nextel which have a Square reader attached to the phone. Cashless donors can simply swipe their card and sign on the phone itself.

As we move closer to a cashless society, fewer people are able to drop coins and dollar bills into the kettles as they exit their favorite stores. With this new donation option, people can still help, even if they don’t have cash on hand.

Over half of the money generated through the Salvation Army comes from direct public support. With donations through credit cards, the organization could see a significant surge in donations this year. The bell ringers have just begun hitting the parking lots for donations, but they will be around throughout the holiday season.

Donors may also make credit card donations online through the organization’s website. There is no credit card processing fee for the transaction, and donations can be made on a one-time or monthly basis.

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