Sabre Hotel Reservation System Confirms Data Breach

Sabre Hotel Reservation System Confirms Data Breach

May 8, 2017         Written By Bill Hardekopf

Intercontinental Hotels recently confirmed that a 2016 breach was much worse than previously reported, and now, travelers have another data breach about which to worry. Sabre has reported that cybercriminals have breached its hotel reservation system, which is used at over 32,000 hotels.

This “unauthorized access” exposed the payment details of customers who used their debit and credit cards to make a reservation.

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News of the incident broke when Sabre filed an SEC report that stated the company was investigating a data hack. “We are investigating an incident involving unauthorized access to payment information contained in a subset of hotel reservations processed through the Sabre Hospitality Solutions SynXis Central Reservation system. The unauthorized access has been shut off, and there is no evidence of continued unauthorized activity at this time. We have retained expert third-party advisors to assist in the investigation and are working with law enforcement.”

In similar breaches, cybercriminals were able to install malware on the payment systems, which allows them to steal card information, including names, card numbers and CVV codes, remotely.

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