Rewards Program Manager Pinpoint to be Acquired by MasterCard

April 22, 2014, Written By Justin Hefner
Rewards Program Manager Pinpoint to be Acquired by MasterCard

In an effort to expand its rewards program, MasterCard will purchase Pinpoint Pty. Ltd. Pinpoint is a loyalty and rewards services provider based in Sydney, Australia.

Once the acquisition is completed at the end of the second quarter, Pinpoint’s rewards programs will be combined with MasterCard’s rewards program, creating an epic set of loyalties available through MasterCard.

The new rewards from Pinpoint should help MasterCard grow in key markets like China, India, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Japan.

“Not only does Pinpoint offer a competitive edge in Australia, its growing presence across Asia Pacific also holds much promise and will allow us to offer more effective programs to our customers and cardholders,” said Vicky Bindra, President of the Asia/Pacific, Middle East and Africa for MasterCard.

Pinpoint founder Kim Harding said, “Becoming a part of the MasterCard family is an exciting step for our entire team as we look to build on our core business and grow our customer relationships across the region.”

To further improve its rewards program, MasterCard is now also working with Points International Ltd. from Toronto to provide additional earning options for its consumers.

If you have a MasterCard rewards card or plan to get one in the coming months, you could soon see significant improvements to your account.

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