Revolut Launches Metal Debit Card with Cashback for Cryptocurrency Purchases

Revolut Launches Metal Debit Card with Cashback for Cryptocurrency Purchases

August 22, 2018         Written By Lynn Oldshue

Revolut, a digital banking alternative, has launched a new metal debit card that offers up to 1% cashback. This includes purchases made with cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ether and Litecoin.

Revolut Metal is a step up from the existing Premium account, which costs £6.99 ($9 USD) per month. The Premium account offers £400 free ATM withdrawals per month, while the Metal provides £600 in free withdrawals. It also provides free 24-hour concierge services, as well as a host of travel benefits.

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The Revolut Metal card is £12.99 ($16.77 USD) per month, but users get a 23% discount by paying for the full year upfront. The card features 1% cashback for purchases made outside of Europe, and 0.1% cashback for purchases inside Europe. Spending just $1,700 on the card each month in the United States would cover the monthly fees.

In what the company refers to as the “new age of banking,” Revolut offers currency exchanges at the current Interbank exchange rate. They also offer free travel insurance, free overseas medical insurance, instant cryptocurrency access and free disposable virtual cards for Premium and Metal users.

Revolut offers a standard account, which costs nothing to open or maintain. This is a free checking account that provides free bank transfers for 24 fiat currencies, but it only supports £200 ($258 USD) in free ATM withdrawals each month.

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