Five Insights about Mobile Shopping

Five Insights about Mobile Shopping

January 5, 2016         Written By Lynn Oldshue

Retale surveyed 3,000 active app users to see how they felt about mobile shopping technologies such as visit tracking, iBeacon, in-store push notifications, Near Field Communications (NFC) and mobile payments. The findings revealed most consumers do not want to feel “followed” in stores, and few are using mobile payment technology.

71% of consumers don’t want to be “followed” into stores.
While visit tracking can allow retailers to connect a consumer’s online behavior to offline activities, most mobile users don’t like the idea of feeling “followed.” In fact, only 29% said they didn’t mind being tracked.

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75% of shoppers haven’t heard of iBeacon technology.
iBeacon offers a number of benefits to shoppers. It can:

  • Send notifications to consumers when a nearby item is on sale.
  • Send a notification about items the customer may be looking for.
  • Allow consumers to pay for goods without their wallet or card.

Even with these benefits, 56% of shoppers say they aren’t interested in receiving push notifications.

iOS and Android users see push notifications differently.
iOS users are split equally between those who want in-store push notifications (50.24%) and those who do not (49.76%). Android users, though, largely do not want the notifications. In fact, nearly 62% said they are not interested.

More than half of consumers don’t know what NFC is.
NFC is a contactless payment system that enables the use of Apple and Android Pay. However, 56% of mobile shoppers don’t know about it. For the 38% who do, only 5% regularly use it to pay.

Most people know about mobile payment options.
81% of the respondents have heard of mobile payment options, such as Google Wallet, but most are not using them. 84% of Apple users are familiar with Passbook, which holds coupons, vouchers, travel and event tickets, and loyalty and gift cards. However, most people aren’t using them. Only 11% of Android users are utilizing Google Wallet and only 23% of iOS users have tried Passbook.

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