Researchers Uncover a Tool to Crack Credit Card Information in 6 Seconds

Researchers Uncover a Tool to Crack Credit Card Information in 6 Seconds

December 12, 2016         Written By Natalie Rutledge

Researchers in the U.K. have figured out how to uncover credit card information, including expiration dates and CVV numbers, in less than six seconds by querying ecommerce sites. Basically, the process entails guessing and testing hundreds of combinations of CVV numbers and expiration dates on a multitude of ecommerce websites.

MasterCard users are not affected by this process, as MasterCard systems shut down a card after 100 attempts. However, Visa cardholders are not exempt.

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The researchers, Mohammed Aamir Ali, Budi Arief, Martin Emms and Aad van Moorsel, also think their tool could determine ZIP codes and addresses, and believe hackers could easily correlate location data with issuing banks or use skimmers to determine where cards are being used. If a website does not require a ZIP code, hackers would only need to use this program to crack a card’s data.

Unfortunately, the researchers think these types of tools are already being used by cybercriminals, and that their program is not unique.

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