A Real “Gold” Card

November 7, 2012, Written By Bill Hardekopf

A bank in Russia will issue a credit card made out of solid gold. And even some diamonds and pearls.

Sherbank, a bank in Kazakhstan, is issuing a Visa Infinity card to its top 100 customers. The card, made in Russia, also contains 26 diamonds with a total weight of 0.17 karats.

The card will be offered for $100,000 in U.S. dollars, $65,000 going to cover the cost of the card. The remaining $35,000 is a credit in the customer’s account. The card also has a $2,000 annual fee.

Anyone purchasing the card will receive some additional perks like an iPhone, $250,000 worth of life and health insurance, and special access to airport lounges.

Since the card does not have a magnetic strip, customers cannot use it in a machine–they’ll have to use the “regular” plastic card for those transactions.

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