Ravello Launches Cloud-Based Hacker Simulation

Ravello Launches Cloud-Based Hacker Simulation

November 2, 2015         Written By Bill Hardekopf

A new technology may enable enterprises to better prepare for cyber attacks and keep consumer information safe.

Last week, LightCyber, an active breach detection solutions provider, joined the list of cyber security companies using Ravello’s cloud-based security sandbox. Ravello allows enterprises to simulate cyber attacks on user environments inside a secure capsule in the cloud.

Symantec (Hacker Academy) and SimSpace are also using Ravello to simulate security attacks. A scalable system is employed to analyze sophisticated hacking simulations, which will help organizations better detect and fight enterprise security threats.

Previously, enterprises would need dedicated hardware to run these types of simulations, but Ravello can recreate entire data centers virtually on public clouds, including AWS and Google. This technology creates a real-world setting in the cloud.

LightCyber is also hosting a Hacker Simulation Challenge on the Ravello cloud. The enterprise created a simulated corporate network that represents a small healthcare company. 10,000 patient medical records were created with Personal Identifiable Information. To win the Hacker Simulation, a challenger has to find the host with the target data, compromise the database, then tweet the last record to show he or she has successfully completed the challenge.

“It would take months of work and lots of hardware to setup a complex hacker simulation challenge like ours,” said Peter Nguyen, Director of Technical Marketing at LightCyber. “But now with Ravello, we are able to use the public cloud to quickly stand up various simulation challenges with actual appliances and network traffic mimicking real world scenarios. Ravello is the first platform that allows us to quickly create authentic scenarios to test today’s toughest threat vectors. The speed at which we can create these environments using Ravello is key to our hacker simulation success, which in turn helps the industry increase overall cyber security readiness.”

The Hacker Simulation Challenge begins on Tuesday, November 10 and will be open for 12 hours. More than 100 contestants from around the world are participating.

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