Protecting Senior Citizens from Identity Theft

Protecting Senior Citizens from Identity Theft

June 27, 2013         Written By Natalie Rutledge

Senior citizens are extremely vulnerable to identity theft, and many of them do not realize this until the problem is too late to correct. TrustedID, a well-known identity theft protection program, has now launched a new program for AARP members to protect them from identity fraud. These members get access to an array of services not open to the public, and all of them are available at a special discount.

The services of the program include:

  • Social media protection. Monitors a person’s reputation online, and provide extra privacy for social networking accounts.
  • Credit protection services. Reviews credit reports and credit scores, with alerts set up when issues arise.
  • Warranty. Provides access to a 24-7 call center, as well as a $1 million service warranty.
  • Identity protection services. Monitors accounts and issues alerts for signs off identity fraud or unauthorized charges.

“TrustedID and AARP recognize the important issue of identity theft to Americans ages 50 and over, and the need for comprehensive and affordable protection to help reduce their risk. We are pleased to offer this service to address the specific needs of AARP’s members,” said CEO Scott Miti. “AARP Credit and Identity Theft Protection puts in place immediate and positive safeguards against potential threats.”

If you are an AARP member concerned about your credit, you may want to check out the new options you have with TrustedID.

The information contained within this article was accurate as of June 27, 2013. For up-to-date
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