ProPay Now Accepts Samsung Pay

ProPay Now Accepts Samsung Pay

April 11, 2016         Written By Natalie Rutledge

ProPay has announced it will now accept Samsung Pay. All ProPay merchants who have the ProPay JAK and mobile app will be able to accept Samsung Pay from customers.

Merchants will also pay less in card-present rates and enjoy secure mobile payments, as transactions are encrypted immediately.

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Samsung Pay, which is already accepted by many merchants, uses Magnetic Secure Transmission (MST) technology. It works at both NFC or traditional magstripe terminals.

“Small businesses value ProPay because of our great rates and diverse set of payment-acceptance choices,” said Dave Duncan, president of ProPay. “From our Virtual Terminal and Email Invoicing offerings to our mobile payment options, which now include Samsung Pay, ProPay is best-suited to meet and surpass the needs of small merchants.”

To accept Samsung Pay, current ProPay merchants just need to update to the most recent version of the ProPay JAK mobile card reader and app.

ProPay, established in 1997, offers secure and affordable payment options for businesses ranging from home-based proprietorships to multi-billion-dollar enterprises.

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