Even a President’s Credit Card Can Be Declined

Even a President’s Credit Card Can Be Declined

October 21, 2014         Written By Lynn Oldshue

Even President Obama has had to face the embarrassment of getting his card declined.

Last month, Obama’s credit card was declined at Estela in downtown Manhattan while the President was preparing for the annual United Nations General Assembly.

“It turned out, I guess I don’t use it enough,” Obama said Friday at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. “They thought there was some fraud going on.”

Credit card companies sometimes deny transactions on credit cards when they have gone unused for some time. This protects users who may have had their information stolen, like many people in America have recently due to the incredible number of credit card hacks.

“Even I’m affected by this,” said Obama.

In spite of the embarrassment, President Obama maintained his composure. He said, “Luckily, Michelle had hers. I was trying to explain to the waitress ‘No, I really think that I’ve been paying my bills.'”

Employees working at the restaurant that night said they are not allowed to discuss the event. Pictures of the President’s order were available on Instagram, but they have since been taken down.

On Friday, President Obama tightened security on government issued credit cards and signed an executive order aimed at increasing the protection against identity theft.

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