President Wants Laws on Student Privacy, Hacking Notification

January 13, 2015, Written By John H. Oldshue
President Wants Laws on Student Privacy, Hacking Notification

The rash of data breaches has tested the patience of the President of the United States.

Yesterday, President Barack Obama took steps to counter identity theft by calling for laws to protect the personal data of students and require notification when consumer information is hacked.

Obama asked Congress to pass “The Personal Data Notification & Protection Act”. This legislation would require companies to inform customers within 30 days if their data has been hacked. The proposal would also make it a crime to sell stolen identities overseas.

In addition, the President proposed “The Student Digital Privacy Act.” This would prevent companies from selling student data to third parties for purposes unrelated to the educational mission and from engaging in targeted advertising to students based on data collected in school.

“If we’re going to be connected, we need to be protected,” Obama said in his speech at the Federal Trade Commission.

Obama took the opportunity to announce that Chase and Bank of America will begin offering free credit scores to their credit card customers. Discover, Barclaycard and Citi have been offering free credit scores for some time.

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