Payscout Unveils Virtual Reality Payment Platform with Visa Checkout

June 27, 2017, Written By Bill Hardekopf
Payscout Unveils Virtual Reality Payment Platform with Visa Checkout

During the Money 20/20 conference in Copenhagen, Payscout unveiled their new virtual reality payment platform powered by Visa Checkout. Known as Payscout VR Commerce, this program allows users to buy physical products inside virtual reality experiences.

The process is fairly simple, but the possibilities with it are endless. With virtual reality, users can shop at a variety of merchant locations without actually visiting the stores. They can pick up products and get a feel for size, color, and dimensions while wearing a VR headset. The only thing they cannot experience is the tangible elements of the product, like the material it is made of or how much it weighs.

Once shoppers find something they want to buy in virtual reality, they can select the item and checkout much like they would with an online store. They can then pay for the item using their Visa Checkout account. This is a digital wallet that competes with the likes of MasterCard Masterpass, Apple Pay and Android Pay. It is free to sign up and free to use, and is compatible with other card issuers, not just Visa.

VR Commerce uses the shipping information from Visa Checkout to complete the order, and the product is sent out as quickly as possible. The app is only available for Android devices at this time, but it will be on Apple platform in the near future.

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