PayPal’s Tweeting Popcorn Machine

PayPal’s Tweeting Popcorn Machine

July 24, 2013         Written By Bill Hardekopf

Ever wish there was an alarm at work that would let you know when coffee was ready, when the food cart was here, or when donuts hit the board room table?

PayPal hasn’t gotten that far yet, but they have created a Tweeting popcorn machine that represents the tastier side of innovation.

The machine has a sensor that alerts a Twitter account every time a batch of popcorn is ready at the office. Then, the machine’s followers know that hot, fresh popcorn is ready to be devoured.

Jean-Charles Sisk is the developed behind the machine, as well as the personality behind the Twitter account @ThePopcornPals. He has created a queue of witty posts to go off automatically when popcorn is ready. The followers, in this case other PayPal employees, can receive alerts to their Twitter accounts (and subsequently their phones and email accounts) to let them know when to grab a bag.

You can read some of the previous alerts on The Popcorn Machine’s Twitter account, including classics like: “What’s a self-aware popcorn machine’s favorite music? Why, hip POP of course. Get it? Get it. Batch #110.”

Delicious innovation from the folks at PayPal.

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