PayPal One Touch Reports Strong Growth

PayPal One Touch Reports Strong Growth

December 29, 2015         Written By John H. Oldshue

The latest reports from PayPal indicate a strong growth for the company’s innovative One Touch payment system. Approximately 10 million users have activated One Touch on their phones in the last six months, and over one million merchants worldwide now allow consumers to make purchases through this processing option.

One Touch is designed to allow users to make payments on their phones with just “one touch.” Once a user logs into PayPal to complete their first payment, subsequent payments on the phone can be made without having to re-enter the login details. This speeds up the checkout process considerably, and might allow for more completed purchases in the long run.

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Approximately 6% of PayPal users now use One Touch.

According to the One Touch checkout page on PayPal’s website, users can stay logged into their One Touch accounts for up to six months without having to re-enter their login information. The program works on smartphones, tablets and all web browsers. Each device will require an independent login to activate One Touch, but once it has been enabled, consumers can make their purchases quickly and easily.

PayPal is a longstanding name in secure electronic payment transfers, but mobile wallets like Apple Pay and Android Pay now pose a threat to the company’s overwhelming customer base. One Touch overcomes some of the advantages of other mobile payment processors had over PayPal.

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