PayPal Partners with HbbTV

PayPal Partners with HbbTV

November 12, 2013         Written By Natalie Rutledge

Hybrid Broadcast Broadband TV, better known as HbbTV has launched a new way for its customers to pay for games and movies on their TVs, thanks to the help of PayPal. Users of this European television giant can now sign into their TVs with a simple PIN and make payments for whatever they need on their televisions.

The PayPal option on HbbTV was developed with GoFresh, a company based in Munich that is responsible for a variety of software updates and opportunities. Through the new payment system, users can access premium content on HbbTV without having to go through an extensive checkout process. They can simply use a PIN associated with their account and make a payment right away.

The only minor drawback to this system is that you do have to sign up for it using a computer, smartphone or tablet. Once you have your PIN set though, you can utilize the technology on your television.

In the future, HbbTV plans to adapt this technology to allow users to pay for physical goods through their TVs. The company offers several shopping portals that customers can work with, making the process of shopping at home even easier.

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