PayPal Now Available for Nintendo eShop Purchases

August 22, 2017, Written By Natalie Rutledge
PayPal Now Available for Nintendo eShop Purchases

Nintendo gamers now have a new way to pay for eShop purchases. Starting today, Nintendo users in Japan and the United States can pay for games, downloadable content and more with their PayPal accounts.

The eShop is available on Nintendo Switch, Wii U, and Nintendo 3DS. Nintendo Switch users can also make purchases directly from their device without signing into the online store. Gamers can select PayPal as the payment option for the purchase and connect their PayPal accounts to their eShop accounts. Once the accounts have been linked, future purchases will require less information and will go much faster.

PayPal is already an option for Xbox and PlayStation. It functions similarly on those platforms. In addition to PayPal, the Nintendo eShop accepts credit cards and Nintendo gift cards for online transactions.

Nintendo and PayPal will roll out these services in 30+ additional countries in the near future, including the UK, Germany, France, Sweden and Canada.

PayPal commented on the future of digital purchases, stating that “the next phases of commerce will not be driven by keyboards.” Programs like Amazon Alexa, Siri, Google Assistant and other voice-driven platforms are changing the way people find information online and place orders from home. “PayPal is perfectly positioned to enable these new commerce experiences wherever consumers want to shop.”

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