PayPal Launches Facebook Messenger P2P Payment Service

October 23, 2017, Written By John H. Oldshue
PayPal Launches Facebook Messenger P2P Payment Service

PayPal users now have the option to send money to friends and family using Facebook Messenger. This is an expansion to the payment service PayPal launched last year, where consumers could pay merchants directly through Messenger.

Facebook already has a P2P payment system in Messenger where users can send money from their debit cards. Instead of entering card data, users now have the option to select PayPal as the provider for the transaction. Payments can be made using the person’s PayPal balance or a bank or credit card account stored in PayPal.

To access PayPal P2P payments in Messenger, open a chat with a person you want to send money to or request money from. Then, select the blue plus icon and click on “Payments” (a green circle with a dollar sign in it). If you are using Facebook on your computer, the Payments option will just be a grey circle with a dollar sign inside.

You will see a spot to input a payment amount and memo for the transaction. Then, you should receive an option to enter your card information or select PayPal to complete the payment. This service is still rolling out across the platform, so if it is not currently available for you, check back in a few days. Make sure to use the latest version of Messenger on your phone.

PayPal has also launched a new customer service Messenger bot. Customers can use this to resolve issues on their PayPal account, like resetting their password or checking the status of a refund. To access the PayPal bot in Messenger, simply search for PayPal in Messenger and send your inquiry. The bot will prompt you for more information as needed.

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