PayPal Now Offering Payments from Space

PayPal Now Offering Payments from Space

July 5, 2013         Written By Bill Hardekopf

The creation of PayPal Galactic alleviates some major concerns about space travel: how to purchase items in space and pay those bills back home.

The revolutionary idea goes well with rumors of a space hotel and paid trips to Mars available in the next decade. PayPal is getting in on the action well in advance.

Anuj Nayar, senior director of communications and social media for PayPal, says “Astronauts who live for months in space still need to pay their bills back on Earth and for entertainment while in space. As we travel through space and explore new planets, we will still need to pay for life on Earth and out there, but how we will do this is not exactly clear.”

PayPal Galactic fills in that gap and provides exciting opportunities for people in space. You may never plan to travel to Mars, but if you do, now you’ll have a way to take care of life back on earth.

“We [at PayPal] are confident that Captain Kirk would use PayPal’s galactic payment system,” added Nayar.

PayPal has partnered with the SETI Institute to make all of this possible. They have issued a crown funding program to support SETI’s commitment to educating the community about space and astrology. Together, these two organizations are set to take the monetary world beyond our gravitational pull. There is a universe of opportunities awaiting for them.

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