PayPal Founder to Launch Pregnancy App

PayPal Founder to Launch Pregnancy App

June 13, 2013         Written By Lynn Oldshue

Want to get pregnant? PayPal can help! Or at least, an app from one of its founders can.

Max Levchin revealed a new project he has been working on an app that helps women trying to conceive. The app is called Glow, and it may help women who are struggling with infertility.

Glow was founded on the basis that only 2% of women who think they are infertile actually are. Levchin has personally spent over $1 million on the app because he feels strongly about its success. Glow promises that women can get pregnant within 10 months through the use of the app, or it will provide funds to support the fertility of its users. Levchin and company have already set aside funds for when that time comes.

While Glow may not be able to change women’s bodies, it will help track a user’s menstrual cycle and cervical mucus layers to determine when she is most fertile. Users are then asked to attempt conception when intercourse is most likely to result in a baby. Only time will tell if this is a success.

Levchin also plans to launch a similar app for men, obviously under different stipulations though. In this case, the app will focus more on how men can help their partners be most receptive to conception. It will show men how to reduce their partner’s stress level to create an inviting environment for a new baby, as well as other helpful tips for future dads.


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