PayPal Expands Payment Options on Facebook Messenger

October 31, 2016, Written By Lynn Oldshue
PayPal Expands Payment Options on Facebook Messenger

PayPal is enhancing its payment services on Facebook Messenger, allowing users to connect their PayPal accounts to Facebook for financial exchanges. This service is already available for select Messenger users, but it will soon be accessible to all Facebook users.

By linking their PayPal and Facebook accounts, users will be able to make purchases and send money to one another directly through Messenger bots. PayPal customers also have the option to get notifications in Messenger, making it easier for people to keep track of their transactions through their social networking accounts.

This opens the door for merchants to make a direct connection with their customers. Those who already rely on social media for their Internet marketing strategies can capitalize on this opportunity to increase sales and streamline their online commerce. With more than 192 million active PayPal accounts worldwide, this could boost a company’s customer base.

Just last month, Facebook announced a new feature that would remind users when they made payment arrangements with someone on Messenger. If Jan says, “Hey Bill, you owe me $15 from dinner last night,” Bill would get a notification to “Pay $15” to Jan. This option is currently available through Facebook’s peer-to-peer payment system, but the integration of PayPal could expand the service to PayPal transfers as well.

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