PayPal Enhances Mobile App Features in Latest Update

PayPal Enhances Mobile App Features in Latest Update

February 23, 2016         Written By Bill Hardekopf

The latest update to the PayPal mobile app was recently released, giving users a chance to send, spend, and request money with greater simplicity on their smartphones and tablets. Approximately 25% of PayPal transactions occur through mobile devices, and that number is projected to increase significantly over the next year.

With the new update, users can enjoy a range of simplified features that speed up popular transactions. For instance, users can now group people from their contact book into a special hub on the app, so they can send and request money as quickly as possible. In the last two years, peer-to-peer transactions on PayPal have doubled in volume.

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The new home screen for the app gives a breakdown of all recent transactions, including pending payment requests and recent contacts. Pending and completed transactions are now separated to better organize transactions.

The entire app has been optimized for better customization in foreign markets, so users can have the same experience in any language. PayPal currently covers 145 markets around the world, and the company is expanding every year.

Mobile in-store purchases have been enhanced, due to partnerships with companies such as Yelp and Eat24. PayPal has also improved its security features to allow for Android-based fingerprint identification on more devices.

PayPal’s mobile market has grown tremendously over the last few years. The company saw a 28% increase in mobile charitable donations in 2015, in addition to the growth of its P2P sector. The PayPal app is available on all major mobile platforms, including Android, Apple, Windows Phone, Fire OS, and BlackBerry.

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