PayPal Adds Features to Mobile Wallet

September 12, 2013, Written By Natalie Rutledge
PayPal Adds Features to Mobile Wallet

PayPal has been trying to expand its reach beyond online payment processing for some time. Its latest expansion is in the form of extra features on its existing mobile wallet.

One of the biggest upgrades with the new wallet is the addition of a “Shop” tab. The feature shows the local merchants that accept PayPal payments, and allows a customer to pay for an item before he or she reaches the store. This should save time as customers can go in to a store, get what they want, and leave.

The new features also include the option of ordering ahead at a restaurant and paying for the food, eliminating the need to wait for the check from the waiter. Consumers could enjoy that feature.

However, some industry analysts question the value of these enhancements.

“People are not struggling with paying. They don’t need an easier way to pay. Paying with your card isn’t hard,” said Denee Carrington, a Forrester Research Analyst. She added that people need a “smarter and more convenient commerce experience before, during and after the moment of payment.”

People who use this program can take advantage of Bill Me Later, which allows someone to make a purchase through PayPal without paying right away. PayPal essentially gives you a loan for the item that you have to pay back.

If you already use the PayPal app, watch for an upgrade in the near future.

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