PayPal Added to Subway’s Mobile Payment Options

PayPal Added to Subway’s Mobile Payment Options

July 29, 2015         Written By Bill Hardekopf

Today, Subway announced an expansion of their mobile payment platform. Their 27,000 sandwich locations in the United States will take PayPal by the end of the year.

Subway also introduced an updated app which allows their customers to choose a specific restaurant, customize their order and place it, and then pick it up at the restaurant. Customers can even pay for the order before they reach the store.

The chain already offers Apple Pay and Android Pay for in-store mobile payments.

With PayPal’s One Touch feature, Subway consumers who have opted-in can securely pay with a single touch on their phones or laptops without having to type in any payment credentials, usernames or passwords.

Padiant, which was acquired by PayPal in early 2015, already powers the chain’s mobile wallet.

“We look forward to introducing PayPal to our future list of payment options,” Ken Moy, Director of Global Payments and Emerging Commerce for Subway, said in a statement. “This collaboration will make it quicker and simpler for the 169 million active, global PayPal customers to enjoy a great Subway meal at our more than 27,000 locations in the U.S.”

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