PayPal Now Accepts Prepaid Gift Cards for Online Shopping

PayPal Now Accepts Prepaid Gift Cards for Online Shopping

December 19, 2013         Written By Natalie Rutledge

With its wide range of uses, PayPal is considered one of the most versatile payment platforms for online shopping. But one thing that always bothered some users about this payment processor was that it did not accept prepaid gift cards. Thanks to a new update in its software, that is no longer the case.

When you go to check out with PayPal with an online retailer, you will now have the option to pay with a prepaid card. You can still pay through a bank account or credit card.

The obstacle used to be the system asked for an address. If the prepaid card was not associated with an address, PayPal couldn’t process the payment. Now it avoids that question altogether for prepaid cards.

If you cannot get PayPal to work with your prepaid debit card, you may still be able to run it as a credit card.

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