New Partnership Combines Local Searches with Mobile Wallets

New Partnership Combines Local Searches with Mobile Wallets

May 20, 2015         Written By Natalie Rutledge

SIM Partners, the company behind the popular local marketing platform Velocity, has teamed up with the mobile marketing firm Vibes to bridge the gap between local searches and in-store purchases. The partnership has developed an innovative program designed to convert interested shoppers into buyers through special offers tied with their mobile wallet accounts.

The process starts when someone runs a search on a phone for a nearby business. The app provides the location and contact information for the business, along with special offers for that store. The promotions come in the form of discounts or coupon codes linked with the customer’s Apple Passbook or Google Wallet. The customer may use the discount when he uses his mobile wallet to make a purchase in the store.

In addition to getting special offers tied to their digital wallets, consumers can receive notifications when they are within 100 meters of their destination. They may also get access to more offers once they get close to the store, much like a store loyalty program. The goal is to turn mobile searches into real-time purchases, as well as encouraging consumers to sign up for mobile wallets.

“By turning ‘near me’ moments of local search into ‘in store’ moments of purchase, this partnership accelerates the velocity between consumer discovery and transaction for enterprise marketers,” said Jon Schepke, CEO of SIM Partners. “Our goal is to make location data actionable and content scalable to solve for the last mile, ultimately making locations matter for enterprise brands.”

“SIM Partners is just one example of how Vibes’ mobile wallet APIs can give technology companies seamless and instant access to the leading mobile wallet applications in Apple’s Passbook and Google Wallet,” said Jack Philbin, CEO of Vibes. “We are seeing in-store redemption rates of 30 percent once offers are saved to Passbook and Google Wallet, so partnering with SIM Partners’ location marketing platform is a natural and smart fit for both of us and our customers.”

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