Papa John’s Now Supports PayPal Payments

March 14, 2017, Written By Bill Hardekopf
Papa John’s Now Supports PayPal Payments

Papa John’s is upgrading its online ordering features. The company now accepts PayPal payments for delivery and carryout orders made online.

Papa John’s is on the cutting edge of digital ordering in the pizza industry. In 2016, online orders represented 55% of the company’s total sales. They accept the traditional payment methods (cash, check, credit card), but they also have a PayShare program that allows customers to split the bill among groups of friends. For example, if each member of a study group wanted to pay an equal portion for the pizza party, they could use PayShare to split the costs. There is no need to exchange cash and divvy up the bill in person.

In addition to the new PayPal feature, the pizza delivery company is launching Papa Track. This program is similar to Dominos order tracker. It allows customers to track their orders as they are being made. Customers who order through the Papa John’s mobile app can choose to receive push notifications when the order is processed, completed and on its way for delivery.

If you have a Papa John’s account, you can log in before you place an order to look at your order history. If you want to repeat a previous order, you can do so with a few clicks of the button. Your address and phone number will be stored on your account, so you simply have to pay. You can then monitor your order with Papa Track.

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