Panera Bread Launches Mobile Ordering Service

August 17, 2017, Written By Natalie Rutledge
Panera Bread Launches Mobile Ordering Service

Panera Bread has updated its mobile ordering app with a new Order from My Table service. The program allows customers to order and pay for food from anywhere in the restaurant. Once the food is ready, a worker will bring it to the table—no need to wait in line or pay at the register.

This is an extension of Panera’s Rapid Pickup system, which launched in 2014. With this service, customers can order food online or on a mobile device, and pick it up at a special line in the café. Diners can order food well in advance and have it scheduled for pickup at a certain time, an ideal setup for work lunch breaks.

Order from My Table is now available at approximately 40% of Panera locations, and will continue to expand in the future. The feature takes some of the pressure off Rapid Pickup, which may experience a bottleneck of orders during peak lunch hours. Employees can quickly get food out to customers in the diner so Rapid Pickup customers can grab their food on the go.

Panera is also testing a delivery service at 50% of their locations. For a small delivery fee, customers can have their food delivered to their home or business as long as it is within the delivery radius for the restaurant.

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