Over 6 Million ClixSense Users Affected by Hack

September 15, 2016, Written By Natalie Rutledge
Over 6 Million ClixSense Users Affected by Hack

Over 6.6 million ClixSense users were the victims of a recent data breach. Stolen information includes usernames, passwords, home addresses, payment histories and banking details.

The hackers posted a message to PasteBin, which has since been taken down. The post said stolen data also included social security numbers, birth dates and internal ClixSense emails. In fact, the hackers claim they breached the company’s internal email server and stole 70,000 emails.

ClixSense owner Jim Grago told Ars Technica that their systems were hacked on September 4, but they regained control over the Labor Day weekend.

On its website, the company said the hacker gained access to the system through an old server that was no longer in use. The server has since been terminated.

The company said the individual “was able to copy most if not all of our users table, he ran some SQL code that changed the names on accounts to ‘hacked account’ and deleted many forum posts. He also set user balances to $0.00.”

The announcement went on to say they were “able to restore the user balances, forum and many account names.” As a precaution, they asked some users to fill out their name again, and forced all users to reset their passwords.

If ClixSense members use the same password on other websites, they should change those passwords immediately.

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