Order-Ahead Transactions on PayPal See Significant Increase

Order-Ahead Transactions on PayPal See Significant Increase

March 22, 2016         Written By Natalie Rutledge

It has only been a month since PayPal updated select features on its app, but so far, order-ahead transactions have increased by one-third. The order-ahead feature allows customers to order and pay for their purchases before they reach a store or restaurant, like paying for a cup of coffee and picking it up on the way to work.

PayPal says app downloads are up by 12% since the updates on February 18th. Within those updates, PayPal added a location feature that suggests nearby merchants for users to visit, compared to the old system which showcased participating merchants not arranged by location. The new version allows people to find merchants near them, rather than scrolling through a list to find a potential place to use their mobile wallets.

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One of the biggest benefits to come from these updates was that small businesses now get to stand out on PayPal’s recommended merchant lists. Since the businesses are arranged by proximity, users can see small businesses near them which previously were overlooked because of where they fell in the listings.

“It’s a significant part of our business, helping smaller merchants bring more customers in the door,” said Joanna Lambert, vice president of Global Consumer Product and Engineering at PayPal.

The app updates also included smartphone contact detection that allows users to send money to or request money from their acquaintances through the app. Users that do not currently have PayPal accounts can still receive requests through their phones, prompting them to set up an account and complete the transaction.

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