Only 37% of Online Stores Judged as Secure by New Google Chrome

January 31, 2017, Written By John H. Oldshue
Only 37% of Online Stores Judged as Secure by New Google Chrome

According to a recent analysis of one million online stores by Sales Optimize, only 37% will be labeled as secure by the new Google Chrome, as they have an https:// designation. Google will identify the other 63% as non-secure. Only 1% of ecommerce sites are fully compliant to the Google Chrome Secure Status.

On January 26, Google released Chrome v.56, which used new security measures to determine whether a website is secure. Websites that begin with https:// are considered secure while those that do not contain this URL are considered unsafe. Sales Optimize believes this could increase the rate of cart abandonment, as shoppers may be unwilling to shop from a site that is designated as unsafe.

However, while Sales Optimize applauds Google’s efforts to raise transparency, they have concerns. The https:// does not guarantee that a website has been verified and is secure. To receive this designation, a website just needs to obtain an SSL certificate, which they receive from a certification authority. The authority simply authenticates the websites credentials to provide this certificate.

Unfortunately, Sales Optimize found that, in some cases, SSL certificates were shared across 1,000+ websites. For example, they found 7,184 certificates were shared across 557,230 websites. Thus, they concluded that SSL certification needs to be improved.

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