New Online Gift Card Registry Introduced

New Online Gift Card Registry Introduced

July 8, 2013         Written By Lynn Oldshue

Wedding, baby shower, graduation and anniversary registries can be difficult to manage, both for the people involved and for the loved ones who want to give a gift. The couple has to go through the tedious task of picking out specific items they think they might need, and then the friends have to painstakingly find those items.

Givex has decided to simplify matters with their new online gift card registry.

Givex has launched a program that now allows individuals to put in gift card requests for their registries, rather than specific items from certain stores. Friends and family can then purchase the gift cards online so that the recipients can use them as needed. The recipients can buy whatever they want, and the givers can feel confident knowing they helped out. It’s a winning solution for everyone.

You cannot use the gift card registry independently. Businesses have to be registered with Givex in order to be listed. If you have a site and wish for your business to utilize this opportunity, you can register at

Amanda French, VP Partner & Client Development for Givex says, “We’re very excited to offer this service. As the solution is designed around leveraging the flexibility of gift cards, it’s completely turnkey and enables any business to offer registries for many major occasions, from honeymoons and anniversaries, to births and graduations.”

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