One-Fifth of Tablet Owners Spend $50+ On Device Each Month

February 6, 2013, Written By Lynn Oldshue
One-Fifth of Tablet Owners Spend $50+ On Device Each Month

Tablet sales are skyrocketing–200 million have been shipped throughout the world in the past three years, and forecasts show that one billion will be shipped in the next five years. This could have a dramatic effect on how consumers shop at home and in retail stores.

New data from ABI Research shows more consumers are using tablets to make purchases: 22 percent of tablet users spend $50 or more per month on their device, and nine percent are spending $100 or more.

The data also found that more spending is taking place on tablets than on smartphones.

“Tablets are quickly becoming the go-to transaction screen within the home,” says ABI mobile devices senior practice director Jeff Orr.

Brick-and-mortar retailers have not seen a boost from tablet spending nor does it seem to have negatively impacted their sales at this time. Retailers are concerned that their stores may turn into showrooms for eventual e-commerce purchases.

Consumers are using tablets to find coupons, search for local companies and compare prices. The data shows that each of these functions was performed by more than 50% of tablet shoppers in the previous three months.

Consumers are also using tablets with other media–14 percent for TV and 17 percent for newspapers and magazines–to make the experience more dynamic than static content.

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