USB Device Secures Files with Fingerprint Technology

USB Device Secures Files with Fingerprint Technology

December 15, 2015         Written By Bill Hardekopf

A new USB device will make it easier and safer to store passwords and documents. The OdyOne is compatible with all computers, and has a built-in fingerprint reader that allows you to login to any online account.

In addition to the biometric-level security, the OdyOne, designed by Odyxa, is a 32GB hard drive and has a special Internet browser that automatically logs users into their online accounts. The browser itself contains a widget that allows users to export encrypted files onto a private drive or put files on a shareable public folder that does not require fingerprints to access.

“Most websites use passwords because it’s easy for them to manage. But you can see from all the data theft going on lately that it’s simply not secure enough,” says Denis Clermont, president of Odyxa, in a statement. “With OdyOne, hackers need to steal your device, your fingerprint, and your password.”

Since OdyOne is a physical device, users will know immediately if it has been stolen, so they’ll quickly know to change their passwords.

“The nature of keeping data on something as local and portable as a USB device means you’d know right away if it was stolen from you,” Clermont explains. “Months often go by after a data breach before people know they’ve been compromised. But someone swipes your OdyOne from your pocket? You’ll know that same night.”

The OdyOne is still in development, though the Odyxa team says that it is near completion. The company is currently raising funds on Kickstarter.

After launch, the device can be updated remotely so the company can continue to add features.

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