North Carolina Parents Can Now Freeze Their Child's Credit

December 30, 2015, Written By Bill Hardekopf

Beginning January 1, parents in North Carolina will have a new way to protect their children’s identity before they turn 18. A new state law from the Department of Justice will allow parents to put a security freeze on their child’s credit to help prevent identity theft while the child is a minor.

credit freeze can stop people from opening credit card accounts and taking out loans in someone else’s name if they have acquired a Social Security Number and other personal details. The freeze acts as a safely measure, giving the person peace of mind that his or her credit is protected.

Children’s Social Security Numbers are exposed in a number of settings, from signing up for a program at school to applying for summer camp. Identity thieves can use this information to destroy a child’s credit before the child even has a chance to build up a credit score. Under the new law, parents will have a way to prevent that issue from happening so their children can enter adulthood with a clean slate.

Parents must pay $5 to freeze their children’s credit, but the freeze will extend across all three credit bureaus.

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